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de Buyer

We’ve had the pleasure of trying out a few items of equipment….. “Le Tube” is a particularly impressive and innovative piece of kit for accurate dosing like you just won’t believe! Check out the information below

For more information on this product, contact de Buyer’s UK sales agent, Signature FSE:  

Le Tube Moulds and rings

Le Tube is a very impressive piece of kit, basically a cross between a piping bag and a high-accuracy auto-dosing syringe. Mike tried it out dosing  quite a thick chocolate  with some inclusions for chocolate buttons - it even managed to cope with that! In fact the accuracy was +/-0.3g !!  Imagine what it would be like for depositing ganache or whipped pralines! “I’ve  already told my boss I’m buying 2 more so the whole team can use them” said Mike after using it for just a day! We thought what was especially useful was the ease of adjustment on-the-fly, availability of spare cartridges, special lids and a whole variety of nozzles…… Here are a few words from de Buyer….

“De Buyer introduces ‘Le Tube’, a pressure pastry syringe which is a great alternative to the traditional pastry bag - offering effortless, clean and accurate results. It works perfectly with thick preparations (such as creams, thick mousses, choux pastry...), sweet or savoury. Consistent dosing is guaranteed with a graduation knob, accurately regulating the amount dispensed.  The preparation flow is easily stopped between pressures. Preparations can be stored in advance in ‘Le Tube’s’ body so chefs and their team can manage their time efficiently. Several types of nozzles are also available”.

Amongst other things, de Buyer also make an enormous variety of silicone moulds, gateau and cake rings. They sent us a fabulous baking mat to try out from their “Elastomoule” range - the silicone actually has metal baked into the material so the heat transfer is more even throughout the mould!

Another one of their innovations (developed with Valrhona) is a perforated tartlet ring. Tiny holes in the sides of the ring allow moisture to escape during the cooking, creating unbelievable crispiness. When the tart shrinks during the cooking, it releases really cleanly from the mould! A really fascinating piece of innovation.

We’re very proud to announce that de Buyer has chosen to join the APC as a corporate sponsor.

De Buyer is the French specialist in professional cooking and pastry utensils for chefs. You can find de Buyer equipment sold through most of the big name suppliers, or you can contact Signature FSE who are the official Ambassadors for de Buyer in the UK ( they can put you in touch with a distributor.

De Buyer make an enormous range of equipment,  see their website for the full collection.

We were delighted to be invited to visit the de Buyer factory earlier this year, to read a summary from our Chairman - Alan Whatley, click on this box to go straight to it.

de Buyer factory visit