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The Association of Pastry Chefs
Est 1993 by pastry chefs, for pastry chefs.
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Dessert Of The Year: How to enter

  1. Before you start

Have you read all the rules and information on this site?

Have you read the terms associated with the live theatre on the salon website?

  1. Design your dessert
  • Remember the brief is fine dining
  • Being visually stunning alone is not enough, the most points are awarded for how the dessert eats - pay attention to all aspects of the eating experience. Tie-breakers always come down to delivery in-mouth.
  • The dessert must be delivered within the time allowed to avoid penalties.
  • Keep in mind that competition kitchens never have very good freezer facilities!!
  • Design your dessert to work with the equipment you have in the competition kitchen (see the “Equipment” page for more information), and use the allowable mis-en-place in the rules!
  • If you have any questions, email the address at the bottom of this page.
  • Practice!

  1. Tick list for your application…… All applications MUST include the following when you submit.
  • Name and description of your dessert
  • TOP TIP: We don’t need recipes, but a good description of your dessert will really help us understand what you are trying to achieve.
  • Photograph of your dessert
  • TOP TIP: The quality of your photo really makes a difference. We can only judge what we can see. Make sure it’s well-lit, close up, and sharply focused.
  • Name of your ingredient from Callebaut’s range
  • Name of your choice of serviceware from CCS’ RAK range (include item code if possible)
  • Your chef jacket size (in cm)
  • If you are an APC member, include your membership number for free entry. (Please note if you are applying for multiple live theatre classes, you will still need to supply your payment details for the other classes)

Your dessert cannot be submitted for initial judging if any of these items are missing.

  1. Application links

           You can apply using this link

  1. The closing date for entries is 25th November 2016
  2. Finalists will be notified by The Salon Management.

Got a question?

All queries should be submitted to the following email address

Please note we are not able to accept entries at this email address.