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Dessert Of The Year: Equipment

The competition will be held in purpose built kitchens! However, just like all the other live classes at the Salon Culinaire, you will need to bring all the equipment you want to use.

Work stations in Live Theatre will feature:

Each  finalist is responsible for providing ALL other equipment required for their own use.

If you will bring multiple electrical items such as ice-cream machine, food mixer etc  you are also strongly advised to bring a power splitting extension lead.

There is currently no provision for convection ovens - This is unlikely to change.


The Association has no influence over the provision of any equipment. There will be no facilities available to replace forgotten items. The biggest source of problems for competitors is usually over-reliance on freezers.

Hygiene products

Please note that there will be no need to bring any cleaning chemicals such as sanitisers, degreasers or washing up liquids. Ecolab will be providing all the products needed to ensure you have a clean and sanitised work area.

Cling film, Baking paper and Foil

Please note that these products will be provided for competitors’ use.


You MUST bring all the plates you intend to use with you.


No ingredients are provided at the venue. Samples will be available in advance from Callebaut, but it is the competitor’s responsibility to bring them on the day.  Unless you get  specific communication to the contrary, they will not be waiting for you at the venue. There will be no facilities to replace forgotten items. See the sponsors page for how to get samples.

Don’t forget….

You need to bring all your basics according to your needs… i.e. chopping boards, bowls, pots, whisks, pans, piping bags, nozzles, rolling pin , scrapers & spoons , marble slab, sugar lamp etc etc….. Quite literally nothing is provided other than  hygiene/wrapping essentials and the few infrastructure items listed with bullets at the very top of this page.

Got a question?

All queries should be submitted to the following email address

Please note we are not able to accept entries at this email address.