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The Association of Pastry Chefs Est 1993 by pastry chefs, for pastry chefs.
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Join the  APC

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Privacy statement

Joining is actually quite simple and entirely online!

Starting your application consists of some very simple steps. You are advised to review this page for detailed instructions and return here if you unsure at any stage - you may wish to open this window and the application window side by side.

All of the steps below must be completed to trigger an application.

If you are not presented with the process below, please start again or contact us for help.


Gather any info you need

(see blue panel above)

Having the right information to hand will ensure you can complete your application. It is not possible to save your application to finish later, you will need to start again.


Click the blue button on the right to start the process

(opens in a new window)

Click to join

You will be taken to the website of our service provider, WebCollect


You have now been transferred to the website of our service provider (Webcollect) in order to place your application.

Select the most appropriate subscription, and select

"add to basket"

Click on the "Check-out" button near the top-right of the screen


You should now start to “Sign up” please enter your details, and choose a password.

Click “Save” to continue

If you already have a webcollect id, you can sign in with your existing username and password.


Please fill out your home address, this is VERY important for correspondence.

Click “Save” to continue



“Confirm and proceed”


Fill out the general membership application form. Please be as thorough as you can.

At the bottom of the page Click “Save” to continue


You will be presented with a second form depending on your choice of subscription. Please fill it in as fully as you can.

At the bottom of the page Click “Save” to continue


Click “Confirm application” to submit your application for approval.


You will see a confirmation message

Click “Back to Association of Pastry Chefs home page” to return to our main website

If you do not receive an “Application confirmation” email within 24hours please check your spam/junk folder.

You may need to add to your “Safe Senders” list.

If you don’t receive this confirmation email, you may not receive notification when your application is finally accepted.

Please log back into webcollect at to check your details are correct, or email us for help.

  1. Once we receive your application, it will be reviewed at the next available committee meeting.
  2. If you are successfully elected, you will receive an email titled “application accepted”. Use the link in that email to pay your subscription fee.
  3. You are not officially a member until you have paid an annual subscription fee. Please look out for your confirmation email.

Information to have handy!

Address, Phone & Email details

Work history for the last 2-3 jobs (Establishments, dates & responsibilities).

Names of qualifications, Dates & Institutions

Details of any competition success.

Junior applicants will be asked to provide the name of a tutor or other college contact.